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Do you need an Oral Surgeon

Rotten teeth
Rotten teeth

So your dentist said you need to see an oral surgeon? Or are you just wondering what’s the difference between an oral surgeon and what your general dentist does?

The truth is some general dentists do oral surgery and some prefer to send you to a specialist, particularly when the procedure is more complicated. Oral surgeons train for an additional 4 to 6 years after dental school. The training is very rigorous and extensive and covers all surgical procedures of the teeth, jaws and surrounding structures. This makes oral surgeons the most skilled specialist for teeth extractions or other surgical procedures of the jaws, particularly complex ones.

Rotten teeth
Broken tooth on an X-ray

So the next time you have a toothache, need a tooth extracted / pulled or your dentist recommends that you see a specialist, know that you’re in great hands with the Oral Surgeon!