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Get your dental implants Johns Creek, Dr. Egolum is a Board Certified Oral Surgeon and has placed over 1000 dental implants. At our State of the Art Facility we are often able to place dental implants in the same day, using the most recent advances in Dental Implant Technology. We are one of the few offices on the United States that offer Xnav Technology. This technology utilizes a gps tracking device that allows us to visualize the nerves, sinus, teeth roots as well as the precise angulation and depth of implants in real time while placing them. This improves accuracy and minimizes injury to vital structures. Our patients enjoy safety and comfort with our anesthesia options such as IV sedation and Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas). We know how important your smile is to you so we offer quick, same day consultations, financing options and top notch customer service. Whether you need a single tooth implant replacement or full mouth dental implants call us to schedule a consultation 770-764-0840.


  • A natural tooth consists of a root and a crown. If you compare natural teeth to implant-supported replacement teeth, you’ll see they have the same basic parts. Both have a crown (the visible part used to chew food). Both have a root that holds the tooth securely under the gum and is anchored into the jaw. The difference is that the implant is made of titanium or zirconia – the same time-tested material used by surgeons for artificial joints. When you lose a tooth, you lose both the root and the crown. To replace the tooth, the surgeon first replaces the root with a dental implant.
  • Time is allowed for bone to heal and grow around the dental implant. The bone bonds with the titanium or zirconia (ceramic), creating a strong foundation for artificial teeth. A support post (abutment) is then placed on the implant and a new replacement tooth (crown) is placed on top of the abutment. In many cases a temporary replacement tooth can be attached to the implant immediately after it is placed. If all of your teeth are missing, a variety of
    treatment options are available to support the replacement teeth.


Using the most recent advances in dental implant technology, Dr. Egolum is able to place single stage implants. These implants do not require a second procedure to uncover them, but do require a minimum of six weeks of healing time before artificial teeth are placed. There are even situations where the implant can be placed at the same time as the tooth extraction – further minimizing your number of surgical procedures.

Dr. Egolum also utilizes cone beam CT imaging and surgical guides to plan and place your dental implants to improve accuracy and success of the implants. Dental implant placement is a team effort between an oral surgeon and your general dentist. Dr. Egolum performs the actual implant placement surgery, initial tooth extractions, and bone grafting if necessary. Your regular dentist fits and makes the permanent prosthesis. Your regular dentist will also make any temporary prosthesis needed during the implant process.

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Our commitment is to deliver the highest quality care and optimal results in dental implant procedures. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward achieving a confident and radiant smile. We look forward to assisting you on your journey to renewed oral health and a beautiful smile. Call us today to schedule 770-764-0840.